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My first experience with this band and furthermore this record was by having the disc thrown at myself and my punk rock radio cohorts from a car driving past us whilst smoking out the front of the Tote after the band had supported Iron Ragan, for which I wasn’t actually present as I was playing another show upstairs.
The resulting mixture of thrash dudes and hip punks in the front bar was both interesting and hilarious.
The circumstances under which I acquired this 21 minute blast of semi-guided mayhem was very much appropriate for what the record had in store for me as I slotted the disc into the car stereo for the first time.

Alkaline Trios Dan Andriano is set to release album #2 with his solo project Dan Andriano in The Emergency Room. Asian Man Records & Xtra Mile Recordings have teamed up to release this full length titled Party Adjacent which is due for release on the 17th July. 

Fat Wreck Turns 25

Fat Wreck has turned 25, crazy shit ey, even the label cant believe it. Starting all those years ago in Mike & Erin's kitchen who would have thought they would still be doing this thing today, the whole crew involved with Fat Wreck have been through weddings and divorces, births and deaths, rehabs and reintoxications, but they are still releasing some of the most influential punk rock of today. To celebrate 25 years they have decided to throw a we're old party.


Theres been a couple of changes to Bam Margeras Fuck Face Unstoppable tour, the Aukland New Zealand show has been cancelled and replaced by a show at the ANU Bar in Canberra. Also the show in brisbane has been moved from the Triffid to the Alhambra Lounge. 

Coffin Wolf release clip for Anywhere But Here

Melbourne punkers COFFIN WOLF have released a clip for a track coming off their upcoming split release with The FckUps.


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