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Ryan Reviews – CJ Ramone – Last Chance To Dance

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Ryan Reviews – CJ Ramone – Last Chance To Dance



Well this is another one of those fan boy moments, getting to review CJ Ramone’s ‘Last Chance to Dance’. Being a massive fan of The Ramones where CJ Ramone [real name Christopher Joseph Ward] was the bass player and occasional vocalist from 1989 until 1996. I was very much looking forward to checking out this album and was not disappointed.

CJ was born in Queens NYC and lived in Deer Park NYC for most of his life. Prior to joining the Ramones he actually served in the United States Marine Corps. CJ replaced Dee Dee Ramone in The Ramones in 1989. He has released another solo album called ‘Reconquista’ in June 2012 and ‘Last Chance to Dance’ is his most current release and was released in August 2014 on Fat Wreck Chords.

This album was not a letdown for me as a fan of The Ramones, but it also had its own unique style. From slower tracks like ‘Til the End’ to fast punk rock anthems [in my opinion] like ‘Understand Me’ which is my favourite track.  Other great tracks are ‘Cluster Fuck” which gives us the hard hitting punk we are all used to from The Ramones and also the title track ‘Last Chance to Dance’ which is another winner with catchy melodies and guitar riffs all through.

This is another gold release from Fat Wreck Chords and will definitely be on high rotation with me from now on and I’m also super pumped to see CJ Ramone on his Australian Tour!

9 out of 10 – Punk Rock Brilliance.

Think Punk Rock – Ryan BigMan Haigh

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Luke Review – Restorations – LP2

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Luke Review – Restorations – LP2


Restorations LP2

by Luke Baird



Before picking up this album I had not heard of Restorations, on first listen it was clear these guys are a pretty chilled band in the vein of The Gaslight Anthem. Lp2 is a pretty solid listen.  The band is one that you would listen to on a hot summer’s day in the shade with a beer in hand. The five piece band from Philly aren’t new to the scene and it shows with their well-crafted songs.

The album starts off with some atmospheric highly delayed guitars before ripping into a solid rock beat, “D” is a solid opener and shows what the band is about straight away. “Let’s Blow Up the Sun” is a slow heavy rock track with some great lyrics and melodies, this song was one that drew me in straight away!

“Civil Inattention” starts with some great lead guitar, Jon Loudon’s vocals come soaring in, you could be mistaken for thinking Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) are brothers. “Kind of Comfort” is a true rock song again showing off that atmospheric guitar with the lead into the song. It has some great dynamics and is a highlight of the album for me. “The Perpetuity throughout the Universe” starts with a pretty sweet fuzzed up guitar riff that goes throughout the song, this album is really starting to grow on me!

“New Old” is a upbeat punk song with a solid rock beat and great lyrics, the album finishes off much like it started, slow to mid tempo punk rock songs with atmospheric lead guitar and driving bass lines. “Quit” is another highlight of the album.

All though I had not heard of this band before the album “LP2” now has high rotation on my IPod, the band has also recently released “LP3” which some are stating was in their top 10 albums of the year even coming out so late. If you are a fan of the new line of punk rock like Against Me! The Gaslight Anthem and Nathan Seeckts and the Dead City Lights then check out Restorations!

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Our Favourite 2014 Releases from EPITAPH Records

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Our Favourite 2014 Releases from EPITAPH Records

There  was some pretty awesome records put out in 2014. below is a list of releases from EPITAPH records that we recommend you going out and buying if you haven’t already.

The Lawrence Arms – Metropole


” Metropole sounds like a reunion between three close friends who want nothing more than to share what they’ve learnt over the past eight years. And this reunion isn’t going to disappoint anyone.” –  The Music

Metropole is not only The Lawrence Arms’ first release with Epitaph, it is their first release in eight years. Inspired by everything from Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishmentto Japanese hardcore bands, the record is one of their best yet.

The Menzingers – Rented World 


“The Menzingers are amongst the most vital bands in contemporary punk.”- Rolling StoneAustralia 

An album born of philosophical and personal uncertainty, Rented World is studio release delves into the slightly destabilizing realization that comes with reaching your mid-20s, articulated by guitarist and vocalist Tom May as the idea that, “Well, maybe I’m not right all the time.” Such notions of shifting perspective even echo in the band’s decision to work with producer Jonathan Low (The National, Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile), who as May says, “wasn’t used to recording punk records.”

Pennywise – Yesterdays


“Turn it up loud, re-live your youth and discover why one of the greatest punk bands in history will never die” – Tracks Mag

One of the most successful and influential punk acts ever, Pennywise continues their staggering 26 year career with original vocalist Jim Lindberg on Yesterdays. As the title suggests, the record is an homage to the Hermosa Beach band’s past in many ways, perhaps most crucially being that the bulk of the material was written by original bassist Jason Thirsk, who passed away in 1996. Lindberg, who credits Thirsk for the positive mental attitude he injected into Pennywise, considers Yesterdays a “new album of old songs” that are “fun” and “life-affirming.”

The Interrupters – The Interrupters (Hellcat / Epitaph)


“The Interrupters will drag you out of bed and kick your ass into gear.” – Hysteria Magazine

Produced and co-written by Rancid’s own Tim Armstrong, The Interrupters’ self-titled debut album is an instigator for the next wave of ska-punk. Described by guitarist Kevin Bivona as “lightning in a bottle.” Like lightning, many tracks were captured in one take, giving the album the energy of a live show.

Rancid …Honor Is All We Know (Hellcat/Epitaph)


“Brimming with upbeat punk rock anthems.” – Beat Magazine

Punk giants Rancid come together with producer, Bad Religion guitarist, and Epitaph owner Brett Gurewitz to bring Honor Is All We Know, the band’s eighth studio album. The new record follows the band’s 2009 release, Let the Dominoes Fall, and has the unique property of being written by a band that has seen and done it all and that made them a cornerstone of modern punk in the first place.


Drunk Promoter Presents: CJ RAMONE

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The Drunk Promoter is at it again! having already brought The Adolescents and The Dwarves to Aussie shores this year he is starting 2015 with a massive bang by bringing Mr CJ RAMONE to Australia. Having released his latest offering LAST CHANCE TO DANCE last week via Fat Wreck Chords its great to see another fine act make it our to our shores through the tireless efforts of Glenn.  “If you see the guy at one of the shows buy that man a beer!” 

Sunday 8th The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Tuesday 10th Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
Wednesday 11th Transit Bar, Canberra
Thursday 12th Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
Friday 13th Prince Of Wales, Brisbane
Saturday 14th The Reverence, Footscray
Sunday 15th Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood

Tickets for this tour go on sale tomorrow via


Luke Reviews – Lagwagon – Hang

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Luke Reviews – Lagwagon – Hang





By Luke Baird

I have always been a casual fan of Lagwagon over the years, my first experience with the band was hearing “Sleep” on the Fat Wreck Chords compilation album Survival of the Fattest. The band has always mixed Pop-Punk with harder edged Punk-Rock, the harder edged stuff is what I love from this band which is why I love this new album Hang. Joey Cape has been off doing other projects such as Bad Astronaut so when I heard a new album was coming I was excited. This is their first full length release in 9 years and they don’t disappoint!

The album starts off with an acoustic track “Burden of Proof” which is a slow track which goes straight into “Reign”. The first two tracks could be one track as the lyrics and themes go through both tracks. “Made of Broken Parts” and “Cog in the Machine” are two great tracks and show a different side of Lagwagon, it seems the band is allowing their metal influences to flourish on this album. “Cog in the Machine” is a stand out for sure! “Poison in the Well” is a straight up Lagwagon song in the vein of Resolve and Blaze. Next up is “Obsolete Absolute”, the track starts off with some great sounding bass before going into some recorded spoken word, this seems weird for Lagwagon but its sounds ok, then bang the song takes off, this song is one of the better Lagwagon songs I have heard. “Obsolete Absolute” clocks in at over 6 minutes which is fairly long for a Lagwagon song but nowhere near Nofx’s track “The Decline” haha.

The album continues to show Lagwagon at their best with the final six tracks showing that the band has not lost their ability to write classic punk rock tracks. “Drag” is another highlight of the album. In the past I have been known to skip a few tracks on each album but not this one, each track is classic hard edge Lagwagon at their best. If you like tracks like “Burn” and “Automatic” from previous releases then you will love this album.

4 out 5

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Ryan Reviews – Mobina Galore – Cities Away

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Ryan Reviews – Mobina Galore – Cities Away









So this is a first for me, I am now reviewing a band that I have never heard before and coming into this release from Mobina Galore with a fresh open minded opinion. All I can say is wow; this album is really good and not what I was expecting at all. These girls have definitely got a new fan in me.

Mobina Galore was formed in late 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Jenna Priestner and drummer/vocalist Marcia Hanson and are based out Winnipeg. They have one previous release, a 5 track EP called “Skeletons” [which I will be getting right away!] in 2011. They have spent a lot of time touring Canada and I cannot wait until the make their way to Australia.

My favorite track by far on this album is “2002” which is a rocking song which I’m sure will be an instant hit for Mobina Galore. “Bad Love Song” is the first single of this CD and it is not hard to see why, with catchy riffs, which is a great choice by the band to use as the single. My other favorites from this awesome album are “Pieces of You” and “Restless Nights” which are also stellar tracks on this great release.

I’m looking forward to hearing big things from Mobina Galore with their combination of punk rock and alternative rock; this album will be on my playlist for a very long time.

Cities Away is released on December 9th 2014 and you can purchase it from http://www.mobinagalore.com/shop or on iTunes and Bandcamp

Cities Away gets 9 out of 10 from me.

Think Punk Rock – Ryan “BigMan” Haigh

































Ryan Reviews – NOFX – Backstage Pass Soundtrack

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Ryan Reviews – NOFX – Backstage Pass Soundtrack




Well this is an honor for me to review NOFX’s new album ‘Backstage Pass’ for its release this month. I have been a NOFX fan for many years and have been loving every album of theirs that I have. My favourite would have to be War on Errorism or the classic Punk in Drublic. This will be the bands 13th studio release and is released on Fat Wreck Chords.

NOFX was formed in 1983 by Fat Mike & Eric Melvin in Los Angeles. They were joined by Erik Sandin on drums shortly after and then El Hefe joined on lead guitar in 1991 which is the current line-up of punk rock greatness.

This album is the soundtrack for the bands live documentary series of the same name which was filmed during NOFX’s 2008 World Tour. The show documents the stops on the tour and the band’s reaction to various events.

My favorites on this CD are ‘The Greatest Country in the World’ which is all about South Africa and ‘Teenage Punching Bag’ which is filled with punchy guitar riffs and kick ass bass walks which the band is famous for. Absolutely loving this album! We’re Bro’s rings very close to me and is another one of my favorites!

All in all another stellar release from Fat Wreck Chords in the NOFX. In my books this band can do no wrong with them releasing album after album of punk rock gold! It’s good to see all the different countries providing heaps of different influences in the writing on this album which makes it a bit diverse and amazing!

My first 10 out of 10! Keep up the amazing work!

Think Punk Rock – Ryan BigMan Haigh


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Goldfinger’s Self-Titled Debut Album Coming Out on Vinyl

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Goldfinger’s Self-Titled Debut Album Coming Out on Vinyl


People, GOLDFINGER’S self titled album is going to be released in January 2015 courtesy of the guys at SHOP RADIO CAST , this album was originally released in February 1996, details of the vinyl release are below.

Vinyl Details:

- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker

- Pressed on limited edition 180 Gram colored vinyl

- Gatefold Jacket and 11 x 22 Insert

Vinyl Color:

180 Gram Black (LTD 250)

180 Gram Opaque Lavander (LTD 500)

180 Gram Opaque Blue (LTD 500)

180 Gram Translucent Gold (LTD 1,500)

Track Listing

- Mind’s Eye

- Stay

- Here In Your Bedroom

- Only A Day

- King For A Day

- Anxiety

- Answers

- Anything

- Mable

- The City With Two Faces

- My Girlfriend’s Shower Sucks

- Miles Away

- Nothing To Prove

- Pictures

- Untitled (Phone Call)

- Fuck Your Cat

This is gunna be a pretty sweet release, if you guys want to PRE-ORDER this release just click HERE


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Hey everyone, BigMan here. My next review is another favourite band of mine’s new album, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes 8th studio album “Are We Not Men? We Are Diva. This album was released in May 2014 on Fat Wreck Chords.

So the guys from Me First as they are commonly known were formed in San Francisco in 1995 and are a punk rock powerhouse who only do exclusively covers. I’m sure you all know the line up with members from Lagwagon [Joey Cape & Dave Raun], Foo Fighters [Chris Shiflett], Swingin’ Utters [Spike Slawson] and of course the man himself Fat Mike from NOFX on bass, with such a star studded line up you couldn’t possibly go wrong!

This album features all songs made famous by “Divas” over time and have such unforgettable cover versions of “Believe” by Cher, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and many more classics with that awesome punk rock twist. My favourite song would have to be “Top of The World” which is a cover of the hit by The Carpenters, my old man was a big fan of that song so it was on high rotation during my childhood, and I love the way Me First have kept the guts of the song but made it their own.

All in all another great release from Fat Wreck Chords from Me First & the Gimme Gimmes. I would most definitely recommend this CD to any Me First fans or fans of the various punk goes albums. Also your grandma would love this album, tell her it’s a remastered version and she will be a Me First fan in no time!

This one gets an 8.5 out of 10 for me, a stellar release with definite replay potential.

Until next time!

Think Punk Rock – Ryan BigMan Haigh


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The Rumjacks Are Back

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The Rumjacks Are Back


rumjacks blows & Unkind words

Ladies & Gentleman, THE RUMJACKS are back.

“We feel great,” states frontman Frankie McLaughlin. “With a few solid shows under our belt and the new album ready to go, the energy is just humming.”. The band are set to release their brand new release SOBER & GODLESS early in 2015 via their own Black Matilda Music label.   “[We’ve] rallied quickly and set our goals, both personally & professionally,” concurs McLaughlin. “But it’s [been] the enormous and humbling support we’ve received that really gave us heart.”.

After already playing some shows this year and signing with management company Troubadour Music, it looks like 2015 maybe the time for this guys to make their full return. Already planning on doing a release tour once the album drops the guys also have started organising a international tour which is going to be set around some appearances at some major European festivals, as well as national Australian tour which will see them hitting up the capital cities as well as heading to some regional towns afterwards. All of this plus, updated Merch, new videos (plus the clip for ‘An Irish Pub Song’, from Gangs Of New Holland, having a combined total of over ten million YouTube views), it appears these guys are already in the full steam ahead mode.

Frontman Frankie McLaughlin has this to say, “We haven’t tried to reinvent anything, just write really good songs and play them with all our heart for real people… The making of this album saw us wondering at this whole folk/punk thing as a wider genre, and what it means to us. The sickeningly rich tradition of people [setting] their story to song has continued unbroken by time, distance or malevolence – we see no good reason why it should stop with us. Call it Celtic punk, folk, rock or whatever, we have to keep telling each other our story, that’s the only thing that keeps us human – this album finds us right here, living very much in the now.”

Well like we said before, it appears these guys are already going full steam ahead, we will keep you posted on upcoming tour dates as well as providing a date when the new album is set for release.

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