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The Flatliners

Less Talk More Rock host Brock Devlin, recently caught up with Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners) ahead of their upcoming Australian Tour with Lagwagon next month.

NOFX Coming out with a book

Nofx - Group Bathroom

Fat Mike, El Hefe, Smelly & Melvin do a lot of shit all over the world and have documented it in BackstagePassport 1, Backstage Passport 2

Useless ID front man live acoustic

Useless ID frontman Yotam Ben Horin is set to release his second solo record this October. Titled 'California Sounds' and coming out via Hardline Entertainment on the 30th of the month. 

Walt Hamburgers One Week Record

Hailing from the state of Wisconsin, Walt Hamburger is the latest person to join the One Week Records family, travelling to San Francisco in January this year to spend a week eating, sleeping and working with Lagwagon front man Joey Cape to produce the 10 tracks you can check out below.


Nerdlinger are a four piece band from Sydney who have been putting in a lot of work lately touring this mighty land and spreading their wings and jet setting off to Japan. If you haven't managed to check them out yet they're releasing their EP "Trendsetter" at the Good Riddance show August 8th and then heading off around the country again for more shows. This EP is the second for the band after their debut "Back To Winnipeg" and features heavy influences from No Use For A Name, Unwritten Law, NOFX and Millencolin. If you were a kid growing up listening to Fat Wreck Chords compilations you'll find plenty to like here.

Rusty News 3/8/2015

Rusty News logo

And what a week in news it was....

You must be living under a rock somewhere if you didn't hear the sad story of Cecil the Lion who was beheaded by a dentist for a trophy but here's some other stuff you may have missed amongst all the talk about Cecil:


A Georgia man amputated his own penis in a heartfelt attempt to stop rubbing the Devils pole:

Punk Rock Radio Presents A Tribute To Tony Sly


On July 31st 2012 the world lost No Use For A Name front man Tony Sly. As fans of both NUFAN and Tonys solo work we thought what could we do to contribute to his memory, the result being numerous phone calls throughout the world at different times of the day and night, talking with his friends and family and compiling what has turned into the special above. Hope people enjoy it. 

The Decline - Resister

The Decline have been around since 2006 but it was their debut album "I'm Not Gonna Lie To You" that introduced them to my ears in 2011. If you're not familiar with them but you're a fan of Propaghandi, NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb and Strike Anywhere you should probably kick yourself for missing out for so long! This new album, "Resister", is the first material we've heard from them since they introduced their new line up so inevitably there will be comparisons made by fans who have followed their progress for the last few years. I've given this album a few spins over the week and also delved back into their older material to see how they've grown and developed as a band.

Margate "Beards In Paradise"

With its bearded hula girl artwork and song titles such as "Keep Dancin" and "Rock Out With Your Clock Out", my first thoughts on receiving this album for review was that it was going to be a fun summertime record. Right from the opening track "Otra Cerveza Por Favor" (Spanish for "Another beer please") which provides an intro to "The Unsilent Majority" I was not disappointed. Straight up, the guitar lines and pop style vocals reminded me of Ramones-core bands such as Teenage Bottlerocket and catchy lead lines of The Vandals but to over-simplify this release as another 3 chord punk band would be a travesty because there is so much more than that going on here.


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